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September Commentary: A True Story

If you have been a part of the Teplitz Financial Group family for a while, you are probably used to getting an email around this time of year talking about how September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. You probably have a chuckle and say to yourself, "Oh, Ari...that is not a thing." Well, in fact, it is a thing (visit if you don't believe me) and this year, I want to tell you a true story to illustrate the importance of life insurance.


Last year, when my daughter was in nursery school, I had to talk to my four-year-old about death. You would think that a career of helping protect people against life's catastrophes would have prepared me for that talk. After all, I routinely talk to families about what might happen. And routinely try to convince them that, yes, it can happen to them. But no. I was at a loss. Sad. Scared. Trying to say the right thing in a situation where there was nothing to say. You see, one of her classmates, the middle of three young children, had just lost his dad to brain cancer at 35 years old.


The first time that Jason was diagnosed with brain cancer was just days after his son (the one in my daughter's class) was born. For nearly five years, he battled bravely alongside his wife and family—tackling bouts of this horrible illness, raising money and awareness for its cure, and having seemingly beat it, when he and his family finally got their fresh start in North Carolina. A new job. A new home. And a cancer-free life.


In January of this year, after just eight weeks in his family's new paradise, Jason was diagnosed with a recurrence of his tumor. This bout of cancer brought with it a more aggressive tumor. Despite the fact that Jason battled it with valiance and dignity, he would go to his final resting place just four months later, with his wife and children by his side.


Jason left his family the gift of many beautiful memories. Another gift that Jason left was one he could have never known would be so impactful—a life insurance policy—and it was this gift that would allow his family to live the dream that he and Sara had for their family. It was BECAUSE of this insurance that Sara was able to build a house for her family that would always be theirs. It was BECAUSE of this insurance that Sara was able to continue staying home with her kids during the hardest parts of their lives, instead of rushing back to work. It was BECAUSE of this insurance that Sara was able to take her children to Disney World once the dust had settled. This may not seem as important as a home or a mom without financial worry, but it was. Jason had dreamed of that trip. And after the ordeal the family had been through, they needed it. For them and for Jason.


Make no mistake, Sara, like every other loving spouse, would give the money back in a heartbeat if it meant that Jason was still here. Money can never replace a lost loved one. But it is also undeniable that in the most horrible of circumstances, Jason's instinct to protect his family; to plan; to save; was the greatest gift he could leave them with. Because of Jason, his children will grow up in the home he dreamed of for them. His wife will be able to focus on them. And they can spend time together learning about their new normal.


The bottom line is that life insurance is a critical part of protecting your family and something that deserves your attention, whether or not it is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Whether you have life insurance or not, I urge you to answer the following question...if this happened to you, would your family be as lucky as Jason's? For your sake, and theirs, I hope the answer is yes.