The year was 1981. A single father was searching for a path following the decision to leave the only career he’d ever known. What Dan knew was that he had a unique ability to counsel others during times of great strife or great change. He knew that he wanted to build something that was his own and that would provide for him and his family.

It was then that he entered a career in financial services and began formal study in a variety of financial disciplines. Soon after, Daniel Teplitz & Associates was born in Marlboro, New Jersey.

While it may sound unique, it is surprisingly common for the most successful financial advisors to get their start following major career changes of their own. Over the years, Dan added more and more expertise to his repertoire. He became a noted speaker and author; a trusted financial planner; and a well-known expert in helping others who were dealing with major life changes. In 2005, he made maybe the most important decision for the firm—to become an independent Registered Investment Advisory so that he could serve his clients with the freedom and fairness that they deserved.

It was a great decision. Over the next decade, the firm grew exponentially. In 2014, Ari Teplitz (yes, the son whom Dan had started the business to support) joined the firm on the heels of a successful career at New York Life Insurance Company. Like his father, Ari too had made a major career transition from theatre fundraising and producing to the financial services field. As Ari entered the field, he began talking to people across the professional spectrum and from all walks of life about what they wanted and needed from a financial planner. Ari realized that he had stumbled onto the leading cause of financial stress in today's workforce--a general lack of financial knowledge. Ari developed a hypothesis. If he could educate his clients on the most important financial topics in today's economic landscape, then he would create better financial consumers and happier clients. 

And so the next phase of the firm began. Now, having worked together for many years, it was time to reflect the multi-generational nature of the firm. In early 2021, Daniel Teplitz & Associates Financial Advisors LLC became the Teplitz Financial Group LLC, specializing in financial planning and investment management.

As it has always been, our core focus is helping our clients achieve their vision of personal financial success while increasing their awareness of what it will take to get there. We focus on the journey, not just the destination - on the process, not just the product. We take care; each step of the way, to advise our clients in a way that will allow them to adjust to the curveballs life inevitably throws all of us. We believe that everyone is capable of achieving their goals by developing good habits and good plans. We enjoy spending time with our clients, being a part of their lives, and standing with them, side by side, through the highs and lows that the years will bring.